Why leaves change colour, wildfires in Antarctica, how bionic gloves gave a maestro his music back, and much more.
Including reads about Hawai'i, turning cadavers into compost with nature burials, Van Gogh, and inventions that changed the world.
A murder mystery in the Outback, eel sex, a monument 6000 yrs older than Stonehenge, and much more.
A painful CSF Leak setback, plus reads about overthinking, awful people, a duet with the Golden Gate Bridge, & more.
How to cultivate gratitude even in tragedy, plus reads about dengue fever, bright blue animals, agoraphobia, and the stories we tell ourselves.  
Important reads about the end of the pandemic, residential schools, depression, beauty in spring, and more.
Interesting reads about: pho, small miracles, our collective languishing, & more (like dick pics) in this month's CAE newsletter.
Learn about: the dangers of meditation, the experience of going viral (online, not the pandemic sort), why animals don't get lost, and more.
Including reads about: why the pandemic hits some country harder than others, expectations, ghost kitchens, and more.
Including: reads about democracy's struggles, the screenshot, and the science of spiritual narcissism.
Including reads about: curiosity, surrender, and the rigidity of expectations. Plus, a new mascot (Arthur!), and the best pieces I've read from the las…
Links I Loved, now rebranded to seep into the nooks and crannies of my new life. Personal updates, plus the best reads from November 2020.