I’m Jodi. In 2008, I quit my job as a lawyer to travel for a year. That year turned into many more, and the blog I started to document my travels expanded with it. That blog, called Legal Nomads, turned into an award-winning travel and food site that organically supported my business. What began with writing moved into freelancing for publications I love, public speaking, a book, translation cards for fellow celiacs, hand-drawn maps of food, and more. Legal Nomads serves as an in-depth resource and motivation for travelers explore the world meaningfully, through long form storytelling and photography. Because it’s a personal blog, it also documents my own journey with chronic pain.

In 2017, a lumbar puncture derailed my life and left me disabled with a spinal cerebrospinal fluid leak. I have been unable to write as I used to, nor travel or live independently. Writing is physically difficult for me, since my upright time is limited, so a podcast is in my future as a way to communicate with this community. I am also recording my most popular blog posts as audio tracks, to make them more accessible.

What’s this newsletter about?

This newsletter is a place to share my own writing about work, my pivot from writing to podcasting and all the new learning that brings, and whatever I’m curious about — including the best stories from around the web that are well worth your time.

How often do you send Curious About Everything?

I will be sending a newsletter monthly.

I was subscribed to Links I Loved. Is this different?

Yes, Links I Loved is no more. I’ve imported subscribers to this new Curious About Everything newsletter. That said, I will still be sharing the best of the web each month in this newsletter, just as I did prior.

Is Curious About Everything free?

Yes, it is free!

Why are you starting a new newsletter?

Email is still one of the best ways to maintain a connection with my community of readers around the world. During the course of these life changes the last few years, readers have continuously written asking if I’ll keep sending newsletters as a means to update them about what is going on. Social media is so fast and furious that newsletters allow people to digest tidbits — but at their own pace.

Newsletters also take less overhead than a blog in terms of my pain levels, and are an easier way to stay in touch monthly even if I’m not outputting longer-form writing or podcasts.

Plus, the reason I started my former Links I Loved newsletter was to spotlight great writing around the web. I still share that writing in real-time on Twitter, but not everyone is on Twitter. This newsletter is a great way to combine all of these things in one neat package.

Thank you for subscribing!

If you have any questions, please send an email @ jodi[at]legalnomads.com or reach out to @legalnomads on Twitter.