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Always love your monthly missives. This one tickled me on many levels but especially for the final image - the bird in swirling fingers of color. As a diver, I was delighted. Such a play on a phenomenon I've seen often in tropical waters. I call them Nemo fish. Definition: "The common domino damselfish (Dascyllus trimaculatus) is frequently found living amongst the tentacles of various anemones and can come into full contact with them." Our local parrot populations could've used the protection. I delighted in seeing them this summer in our plum tree - their beaks smeared with juice, but when I returned from a recent trip the flock had abandoned our neighborhood. Neighbors pruned their palm trees and destroyed the parrot nests. They are awfully noisy, I admit, but that was cruel. Perhaps a few will return next plum season. All the best in your new home. It's coming along and you are too.

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Gatineau man here, I agree with you, Ottawa is a nice city :-), thank you for your readings.

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Oh Jodi! I so look forward to your newsletter! Interesting, intelligent and wide-ranging material makes this a treat to read! THANX

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