The body works in strange ways and everyone sooner or later will endure challenges of similar or greater magnitudes than which you are facing. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience, it will help us all prepare for the inevitable day X, when our world changes. I humbly feel the body works in very strange ways and that miracles aren’t lost on it, and I pray one of these finds you.

Of the articles you shared, I especially was interested in the one about people’s behavior online. This sudden shift seems to permeate not only the internet, but the offline world. I’ve read that flight attendants have had three times more unruly passengers so far this year than previous years. Shootings and stabbings are on the rise. Society is complaining about anything, everything, everywhere. This ties in nicely to the Live Science article about the prediction of possible Societal Collapse in our century. I know it may just be a conspiracy theory or false prediction, but your article touches on the tip of the iceberg. I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts here or by email.

Thank you for all the time you put into these newsletters,


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Hi Rashad, sorry for the delay in replying; my leak situation is ... not so good.

I often say I'm just living the life we will live eventually, in terms of dependency as we age. A friend told me the disabled community calls healthier people 'TABs', temporarily-able bodied people, which is fair enough.

Thank you for your prayers.

I've long felt like we are funnelling toward a form of collapse, both population-wise and planetarily. I've read the The Limits to Growth, and I don't see it as a prophecy/conspiracy like some do, but more as a predictable consequence of how we've been living our lives both environmentally and societally. I also don't consider the crime / unruliness as part of a prediction, but another predictable consequence of the current economics of reality.

I hope technological solutions and a shift in global priorities can shift course toward something a bit more sustainable. I guess time will tell.

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Jan 31, 2022·edited Jan 31, 2022

I too suffer from many years of CSF leak. I am almost 58yo and had my first surgery in Oct 2019 at Ceaders Sinai in Los Angeles. It was so nice to think there would be relief from all of the nasty debilitating symptoms that had planned me for more than 30 years. After surgery I really y don't know if I was better or not, it was only after about the 3rd week that I noticed a small difference the nausea was gone I was able to do things that I had not for a very long time. It was at the 6th month post op scan that the leak had again started and At that time I figured I would just live with it, after all I had spent a good part of my life with an unknown illness. That was untill 1 Dr.Bravo at Loma Linda University found the leak and through his diligence and genuine care and concern along with The Doctor that was at the forefront of CSF Leak repairs..

Dr. Shavink at Ceaders that I began my journey. I can stand today and be extremely Even though my leak has started again. I was vindicated because it was finally acknowledged that yes I do have a medical condition that was the beginning of losing myself. I would not allow myself the time to be in bed for more than 4 hours of sleep at night. I totally did everything the doctors warned me against and did not accept I too could no longer do the things a 6ft5in 250lb male should do.. I was caught up in a stereotype and felt the need to prove myself and my strength while all the while wasting away. 1 year later I was diagnosed with stage 3 rheumatoid arthritis and the meds I began taking severely to a toll on my immune system. So I now use an electric scooter to be mobile when I go shopping. I sometimes drive with a patch or cover 1 eye while driving as the days move forward and I think about the possibilities that may come in the future as I am still connected with Loma Linda University for my continued Healthcare. I say all of this for this 1 reason. Even though I am unable to accomplish what I think I should be able to I realized I am the only one who put limitations on myself. I am learning how to re think everything in my life nowadays and just never say I can't because of.. I am glad that I have read your story in regard to csf leaks and how life changes as yours is the only I have found that was written with such honest feelings and care to share exactly what has happened in your journey. I say Thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading your ups and downs but most of all your successes you will now achieve with having to gain new perspective in life as I did.

Peace & Blessings



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