One Newsletter to Rule Them All: Welcome to Curious About Everything, My New Newsletter

I've moved multiple missives over to one Substack.


You may be here from my 12 Years of Legal Nomads post, or from the subscribers to my existing “Links I Loved” newsletter. Perhaps you bought a map, or a card. Or you saw me share this somewhere on social media.

Either way, this is the new home for my shorter life and business updates, to replace the constellation of newsletters I sent out previously.

For those new to my story, I’m a former travel and food writer whose life was derailed in 2017 by a spinal tap that left me disabled. I’ve struggled to write and maintain a newsletter given my limited time standing up due to my ongoing spinal CSF leak. Due to my pain levels, I’ve had to limit my writing time.

I decided to slowly shift my focus to a podcast, which I hope will fill the gap my lack of writing has left in me. I’ll be focusing on life’s tough questions, as submitted by my community. From the questions I’ve received thus far, many involve chronic illness, anxiety, meditation, and resilience - all things that I’ve had to contend with during the last tough years. Some of the questions are about the things I used to write about: micro-histories of foods, current events, traveling as a celiac.

As I pivot toward a new medium, I wanted to have a place where I could share updates from the process, anything I do manage to write, and also still distribute some of the best of other people’s work from around the web.

Like the former Links I Loved, this will be a monthly newsletter.

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